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Cycling Legend : Lance Armstrong

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In this article, we will recognize the cycling legend : Lance Armstrong briefly. One of the most popular people of recent times; Lance Armstrong. Only cyclists, not athletes, but also devoted himself to the fight against cancer, has earned the admiration of millions, clinging to the hope of survival of 40% and a story of faith has managed to survive. The actual return of the two-wheel bike everywhere in popularity recently said Armstrong’s relationship with doping from coming forward.

What separates him from the other cyclists is that the most important professional cycling race in the world, the French Cycling Tour, is to be recognized as the biggest cyclist by winning seven times in a row. Lance Armstrong was born in 1971, Plano, Texas. He started his professional career as a triathlete. Bicycle sports interest shows in 1991. And this area continued to his career. Lance Armstrong retained his first place in the French Bike Tour for seven years, leaving behind other legends such as Merckx, Hinault, Indurain and Anquetil, all of which shared the record with five first places.

Doping Surprise

Lance Armstrong struggled not only with cycling fans, but with the entire sporting world, as well as with many people’s attention – grabbing doping scandals, had to say goodbye to the bike’s full of success. On August 24, 2012, the US Anti-Doping Agency announced that Armstrong was using prohibited substances.

When it came out that he was doing doping, Armstrong was spared for life. In addition, all the awards of the famous athlete were taken back. On January 16, 2013, Armstrong confessed to doping on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show program. Finally, the doping surprise shocked all of his supporters and followers from different countries of the world.

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