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Famous Female Cyclists in The World

Here are the most famous female cyclists from past to present…

Rachel Atherton

Let’s start with a recent cyclists. Rachel Atherton, who won all the tournaments, related Downhill mountain bike is on top of our list. Rachel has won UCI World Cup many times through his career and he is considered the greatest and the fastest mountain cyclist. Even for some people Rachel can finish the tournament in the top three, if he is in UCI World Cup for men.

Marianne Martin

Marianne Martin was one of the most popular and disputable cyclist of 1980s. American cyclist raced in La Grande Boucle Feminine which is known as Tour De France for Women”  and became the first champion of this organization.

Marianne Vos

Marienne Vos is  a complete cyclist. Dutch cyclist was awarded  the title of “best cyclist of her period” at The Guardian time. The reason for this was not merely the skill, but that Marianne Vos was successful in every kind of cycling, such as  road races, track races, even mountain races… She has raced in all branches and continue racing…

You can see her name at any of the international women’s bicycle races, including the UCI Women’s Road World Cup, the World Road Champion, the National Road Race Champion, the gold medal she won on the road races in the London Olympics in 2012.

Jeannie Longo

Jeannie Longo is 58 years old, but she is still racing. She was born in France in 1958 and she has a lot of championship all around the world. She won gold medal in Atlant Olympics in 1996, as well as she has achieved World Championship 13 times.

Annie Londonderry

Let’s finish our list with the oldest, the most famous and the fastest female cyclist. Annie Londonderry is the first cyclist who travel around the world by her bicycle. Today, she is source of inspiration of all the women who are cyclists.

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