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Greatest Cycling Contest

The greatest cycling contest of all time must be the “Tour de France” where a big number of cyclists take off from Paris from and finish off after what is over than 2400 km of cycling around France which includes hills, mountains, alleys… etc.

Apart from the years of the war (1915-1918) and (1940-1946) the cycling takes place every year and by the year 2000 the number of participants increased to what is over the double. It has viewers from all over the world with a very broad and worldwide audience.

The winner of the cycling tournament is the one who takes the shortest time to reach the final point

Cadel Evans, an Australian who won the 2011 cycling contest who happens to a champion mountain biker who has won the world cup previously on 1998 and he was the first of his country to ever  win the Tour de France.

Cadel Evans was able to overhaul Andy Schleck and grab the yellow shirt, the top 3 winners of the cycling competition get 3 different colors of shirts to be rewarded and the yellow shirt is for first place.

This competition is so successful that some tourists come witness a few stages as part of their holiday experience.

The route included: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Paris. And mountain stages were not added to the Tour de France until 1905.

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