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Historical Background of Cycling

Cycling is one of the oldest sports of the world, and it’s basics are based on 17th century. two-wheeled and the development of this situation over time as a result of cycling sports have emerged. The cycling sport first appeared in France and hosted the first races. This sport, which is more developed in Europe, developed very quickly there and soon became a popular sport. As a result of Europe’s forefront step, the development of two-wheeled bicycles and cycling have been among the most preferred sports. Today, bicycles are frequently preferred as transportation, entertainment and sports, and are spreading throughout the day.

The first resistance race to contemporary conditions was held in France in 1890. In 1891, the Bordeaux-Paris race was the first example of a long-haul tour followed by the Paris-Brest-Paris race. The tour of France, the largest of the international cycling competitions held in 1903, was an important breakthrough for bicycle sport by Henri Desgrange and L’Auto magazine.

Towards the mid-20th century, a decline in bicycle races began to emerge with the widespread use of cars in the USA and the UK; but over time interest has increased again. Amateur road races took place in 1896, track races in 1900 and Olympic races. Established in 1900, the International Cycling Federation (UCI) has become the sole organization of this sport with the annulment of the FIAC in 1993.

Popular Figures

When you hear something about cycling sport, Louis Armstrong will come to your mind firstly. Armstrong is one of the biggest athletes ever to win seven consecutive times the prestigious Tour de France, the most important event of cycling, between 1999 and 2005. Today, Armstrong is accepted a legend of cycling sport, many young cyclists imitates him at the beginning of their careers.

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