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Lance Armstrong : Is He Liar or a Real Legend?

Doping is the darkest side of sport. As far as the doping is concerned the first name that come to the mind is Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong was considered a good cyclist at the beginning of his career, but not on the level to earn big tours. The American cyclist learned that he had a  testicular cancer, when he started to become popular. He had a difficult treatment process.  Then he achieved to overcome his disease and returned sport. Armstrong increased his ambition to win after the difficulties he had, and turned his lost weights into an advantage. After his disease he won first 7 Tour de France races.

The whole world was impressed by what Armstrong did. However, a small group of journalist, especially David Walsh believed that Armstrong used prohibited substance. We say “ they believed”, because they didn’t have any proof. Test results were negative. Armstrong admitted that he doped, for this reason Tour de France championships were dispossessed. Consequently, Walsh was right and dispossessing Armstrong’s championships was a correct decision.

Even if we admit that Lance Armstrong doped, it is not right to deny or underestimate his contribution to the cycling. It would be wrong to consider Lance Armstrong as a great cyclist after his doping confession.

Thus he did the worst thing for sport: he doped. However, we do not believe that we have another chance to describe Lance Armstrong as a great figure. Yes, he told a lie, but it turned out to be as positive as nobody could ever imagine. We will remember him not only as a legendary cyclist, lay of foundation of modern bicycle, but also shrewd that can fool even the devil.

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