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Most Successful Woman Cyclist of the World

Kristin Armstrong

The US athlete, the only cyclist in history, who won 3 gold medals in the category of individual time against the last 3 Olympics, started swimming at a young age. After returning to long distance running in high school, Kristin Armstrong later continued his career as a triathlon. Armstrong graduated from the Department of Sports Psychology at the University of Idaho, where he earned a living by becoming a swimming instructor and lifeguard.

Armstrong has suffered from osteoarthritis, which is caused by abnormal wear and tear of the cartilage, which acts as a kind of buffer in the joints, or the loss of fluid that lubricates these joints.

Legendary Return

Armstrong, who came to the end of his sporting life at the age of 27 due to the disease, did not give up and focused on cycling sports by ending his jogging life. Kristin Armstrong won the championship in the United States in 2004 and won the Olympic awards in Athens in 2004, earning 8th place in the category of road bike. Later on, he continued to work in the category against individual time and won a gold medal in the 2006 World Championship in Salzburg, Austria.

In the same period, Kristin Armstrong, who reached the top of the form by winning two gold medals in the US champions, repeated the same success 25 seconds before the closest competitor, Great Britain Emma Pooley, in the category of individual time in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Finally, Kristin Armstrong, the American athlete, once again leading to the gold medal at the Olympics he joined in London, has also written his sport history as the oldest athlete (39) in the category against individual time.

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