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The Waviest Cycling Race of 2018 in Host Netherlands

2018 UCI Track Cycling World Championships put on the stage via Tissot in Netherlands, Apeldoorn.

Kristina Vogel, who is a Germanic player, won the Team Sprint title earlier of that week, also won the Women’s Sprint title, which she encountered with the Great Anna Maeres through the world title of 11. Kirsten Wild got the Women’s Omnium title for his nation. She also added her achievements the title of Points Race. Same day, both Italy and Australia won the rest of the competitions.

Kirsten Wild was the preponderant rider of the four Omnium competition. She won the first, fourth and third contests, totally 121 points. Amalie Dideriksen from Denmark suddenly increased her score to 112 with being second in the competition. Third was Ruchlee Bushanan from New Zeland, who got 106 points with a bronze medal.

In the gold medal final of Women’s Sprint, Kristina Vogel won over Stephanie Morton from Australia. Speaking of her, Stephanie Morton was the fastest qualifier in the contest. Though Vogel came first initially, Stephanie Morton caught her with a win in the second part of the race. So, that spurt made the audience think that the ties will be going to break. Instead, the German rider, Kristina Vogel, didn’t let the Australian rider get the chance to complete the race with victory.

In an interview after the competition, Kirsten Wild was asked about competition: “She [Morton] is hard. She’s in really good shape. I made a mistake in the second heat and sometimes there’s a point of no return, when doing something and you have to try and do it to the end. I lost, but like I’m always saying, it takes two to win, so after the second race I kept saying ‘I have to go, I have to go, just concentrate, just remember what you can’, and here we are again.”

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